Joseph Darmanin Wrought Iron Works

We manufacture

high quality

commercial and domestic

iron work products



We have been in the local wrought iron industry for more than fifty years. Here at Joseph Darmanin, we specialise in custom wrought iron works ranging from railings and banisters, staircases, security doors and gates, steel structures, architectural metal work to forged work in both classical and modern styles, all according to the client specifications. We manufacture high quality commercial and domestic iron work products. We also restore and reproduce old iron works that need a touchup.


As a customer looking for the iron work of your dream home, you will not be disappointed by our proven track record of providing the best looking, and highest quality products. With countless examples in our arsenal, your biggest difficulty will be choosing between the many classical and modern designs. Of course if you happen to have a design of your own, Joseph Darmanin Wrought Iron Works can quickly turn your thoughts into steel while never compromising on quality.


Iron needs to be well cared for and protected, thats where our services come in. We do galvanising and powder coating to not only protect but also give an outstanding look to the metal work.


If you are unsure what style best suits your home we offer a designer service with professional consultation. On the other hand, if you’re certain of what you want we can come on-site for a free quotation . All our work is done within the agreed time contract to schedule our work better and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.





Wrought Iron is a member of the iron family and has a low carbon content, making it malleable and easy to weld but at the same time tough and corrosion resistant. Wrought Iron works date back to the Roman times and continue to be widely used today in various applications. Wrought Iron remains an art form at the sake of the skilled blacksmith’s hands and anvil.

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