Joseph Darmanin Wrought Iron Works

We manufacture

high quality

commercial and domestic

iron work products




Wrought iron banisters, balustrades and railings in a variety of styles add beautiful elegance to any space. Modern, simplistic railings add safety to your home and more ornate balustrades keep up a traditional Mediterranean style. Wrought iron is durable and hard-wearing, making for a great supporting handrail.

Security Doors & Gates


If you would like to secure your home in a beautiful way, consider wrought iron products your solution. Not only is the iron extremely sturdy and difficult to manipulate, it is aesthetically pleasing and unimposing. Gates and doors can be made to suit a variety of tastes, from traditional to modern.



Iron needs to be well cared for and protected, and this is where Joseph Darmanin’s services come in. We do galvanising and powder coating to not only protect, but to also give an outstanding look to the metal work.



If you would prefer steel to wrought iron, Joseph Darmanin can also provide this service. A variety of structures are feasible, all that is required is a meeting to discuss your needs and ideas.



Frame your windows with handcrafted, quality wrought iron window boxes, guards and grills. Securing your home does not mean your only option is unsightly bars which detract from the beauty of your home. Instead, add style to your windows whilst also incorporating added security.



If your space is limited but requires a made-to-measure, custom staircase, Joseph Darmanin can help you. Whether you are after a spiral staircase or a more simple design, only the highest quality materials are used and crafted by experienced professionals. Joseph Darmanin’s craftsmen work with exact requirements and to customer specifications.



Joseph Darmanin Wrought Iron Works specialises in custom-made wrought iron works, ranging from railings and banisters, staircases, security doors and gates, steel structures, architectural metal work to forged work in both classical and modern styles, all according to the client specifications. If you are unsure what style best suits your home we offer a designer service where you would be professionally consulted.

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